To our loyal D.C. area viewers:

Thank You.

For the last thirteen years, MHz Networks has provided a wide range of international news channels in the Washington, D.C. area. Unfortunately, those D.C. channels will go off-the-air at midnight March 31, 2018. This decision was driven by the realities of the changing business of television – nothing more. The broadcast/cable, linear non-commercial model has always been a difficult proposition – requiring both a great deal of technical infrastructure and government financial support. MHz benefited from the former, but will be losing that on the 31st. We haven’t had government financial support for over a decade. There is no way to make this broadcast model work without both of those pieces in place.

Anticipating possible changes to MHz’s broadcast model, we ventured into digital streaming in 2015 with the launch of MHz Choice. MHz Choice is our subscription video service which features all of the wonderful MHz mysteries and dramas you’ve come to love these many years. MHz Choice has seen thirty straight months of subscriber growth and is available through Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Fire TV and will soon be available through other platforms. It is our first digital subscription service but by no means will it be our last. We’ve had two guiding principles since we launched in January 2000; the ability to evolve with technology and a commitment to international programming. In those regards, nothing has changed.

So, what becomes of the twelve international networks that go off-air? Some of the networks will find new broadcast partners in the market, others will emphasize their existing online platforms. And a select few will remain as content providers on MHz Worldview and a new digital platform that we’re working on. In the electronic marketplace if something has value it will find a market.

Lastly, at MHz we take great pride being the torch bearers for international programming in the nation’s capital. Whether it was home-grown local South Asian, Korean, Vietnamese, or Central American programming or big international news networks like France 24, SABC, Al Jazeera English, NHK, or CNC, the goal was always the same: to help improve everyone’s worldview in our often myopic city. The need remains the same, maybe even more so. MHz will continue to do its part in D.C., and now the rest of the country too, to help make the world an easier place to understand.

Frederick Thomas
President and CEO, MHz Networks

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