MHz Networks Ends Affiliate Distribution - Transitions MHz Worldview Content to Digital Streaming

As March 1, 2020, MHz Worldview will no longer be available on the 26 public TV stations that currently carry MHz Worldview. We sincerely thank you for watching as well as the community stations across the U.S. that had the vision to carry us these last 12 years.

The good news is that you can still watch the programs you’ve come to love on MHz, just a little differently! Have look at these convenient and easy viewing options below.

MHz Choice

Watch any MHz program whenever you want in full HD!

MHz Choice is our streaming service featuring new and exclusive international mysteries, dramas and comedies—unedited with easy-to-read English subtitles.

So, what’s a “streaming service”? If you’re familiar with Netflix, MHz Choice is OUR version of Netflix but with exclusive MHz Choice programs! Think of MHz Choice as an online video library of our shows that you can watch whenever is convenient for you!

Montalbano, Beck, Murder In…, A French Village, Captain Marleau, EVERYTHING! Our entire current catalog!

You can watch online, your TV or favorite device! Learn more about how to watch here.

For a low monthly fee of $7.99(USD) or $89.99/year, watch any title available in our sizable catalog whenever you want! No commitment, cancel anytime. Available in the U.S. & Canada. MHz Choice does not feature daily news programming.

Special MHz Choice discount: 50% off 6 Months

For a limited time, we’re offering an exclusive discount on an MHz Choice subscription: Try it free for 7 days AND get 50% off your first SIX paid months after your free trial!*

Use code WORLD20 at checkout.

*Free trial is limited to new subscribers and can only be redeemed on Code cannot be used to purchase gift subscriptions or annual subscriptions. Should you decide to continue your subscription after the promotional period, you'll be billed $7.99/mo. until you decide to cancel. You can cancel at anytime. MHz Choice is available in the U.S. & Canada only. Ends 11:59PM EST 3/1/20. Promo code cannot be used on Amazon Prime, Xfinity X1 or The Roku Channel. 

Other ways to watch MHz Choice

**Promo code WORLD20 cannot be redeemed on these services.

MHz Now

What is MHz Now?

MHz Now is a free live streaming ad-supported video service featuring the best MHz programs. MHz Now does not currently feature daily news programming. It is currently available in the U.S. and Canada only.

How can I watch MHz Now?

MHz Now is currently available on Samsung’s streaming service called Samsung TV Plus (ch. 1401) in the U.S. & Canada. If you have a 2016 or later Samsung Smart TV, then your TV comes with Samsung TV Plus! No download, additional device, or credit card needed. Click the link below for detailed information on viewing requirements and program schedules!