UPDATE 1/25/22
We’re thrilled to announce that Don Matteo will be coming back to MHz Choice!

Click here for premiere information and how to watch!

UPDATE 3/1/19
As of 3/15/19, Don Matteo will no longer be available on mhzchoice.com or any MHz Choice platforms.

UPDATE 4/29/18
Don Matteo DVDs are no longer available from MHz Networks at shopmhz.com.

UPDATE 10/19/17

To Our Loyal Viewers:

Don Matteo has been part of the MHz schedule for several years and like many of you, we’ve come to regard Terence Hill and his wonderful character as a member of our family.  Regrettably, we announce that the series will no longer be televised on MHz Worldview and MHz1 in D.C.  We apologize for the unexpected and abrupt removal of the series but we were unable to reach an agreement with the distribution company to renew our rights and to acquire Don Matteo Season 9 and 10.  Additionally, Don Matteo seasons 9 and 10 will not be available on our streaming service MHz Choice. Seasons 1 – 3 were removed from MHz Choice at the request of the show’s distributor.

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We wish the series and distributor well and hope they find success in their search for a new home for Don Matteo. Thank you for watching.

~ MHz Networks