Raid - Finnish Favorite Premieres on MHz Choice

One of our most requested series, the Finnish cult classic Raid premieres on MHz Choice beginning August 30th! Watch online or stream to your TV or favorite device – start your free 30-day trial at!

A police officer investigating white-collar crime is shot dead in a TV studio. A young woman working for a large multi-national corporation commits suicide. And a mysterious harmonica-playing stranger returns to Helsinki on a personal quest for vengeance in this blackly-comic series based on the crime stories by Harri Nykänen. Meanwhile, police inspector Jansson hunts for the cop killer – and the trail leads inexorably to Raid. Soon, the interests of the police converge with Raid’s quest for revenge – and that’s when things really heat up. An unforgettable cast of eccentric characters, plenty of classic movie references and outrageous, deadpan humor highlight this cult favorite.


Raid began life as a series of novels by Harri Nykänen, a former journalist who worked for 20 years as a crime reporter for the Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest daily newspaper. “There were three books before we made the screenplay,” writer/director Tapio Piirainen, who wrote the TV series with Nykänen, recalled. “But it was too difficult to make screenplays (from) those three books.” It was decided to start over again with a brand-new plot, just using the characters of Raid and police inspector Jansson.


Classic film fans will notice homages to the works of Sergio Leone (Raid plays harmonica and watches Once Upon a Time in the West on TV), John Ford (the very last shot of the series, inspired by a similar scene from Drums Along the Mohawk), and Howard Hawks (Uki pouring booze back in the bottle – just like Dean Martin in Rio Bravo.) And that’s just for starters – see how many more you can spot as you watch!


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