Miami Viewers: You can still watch your MHz mysteries online!

For our viewers in the Miami area, you may have noticed that MHz Worldview and our International

Mystery series departed the WLRN airwaves recently.


As we were told by WLRN staff, "This summer WLRN Public Television will move to an all high-definition

infrastructure.  These technology upgrades will not be compatible with WLRN’s current Learn Channel

infrastructure. As a result, the WLRN Learn Channel (17.2) will cease broadcasting on July 1st, 2013

until another alternative can be identified.  We apologize for any inconvenience."


We've been hearing from many of your regarding your wish for MHz content to return to your area. Thanks

for your comments, but also please let WLRN know your thought at: [email protected] or (305)



In the meantime, you can continue watching MHz Worldview by tuning in to our free live stream of the

channel at


The live national channel is also available for free on our iOS and Android apps and Google TV. Search

for MHz Networks to locate the app.


Our mysteries are also available on Roku, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video as well as directly on the site



Keep the comments coming on our social networks! We're also delighted to hear from you at

[email protected]