MHz Worldview Live Stream Expiration Date Scheduled

MHz Networks became an independent organization in January 2014. In the last year and a half we have been reworking our entire business strategy and have made some changes that will directly affect you as an avid viewer of the on-line streamed version of MHz Worldview.

In short, we will be shutting this service down on November 6th at 11:59pm (EST). The costs associated with the feed far exceed the financial return. It has simply become too expensive to continue this service for the limited number of viewers utilizing it.

We would like to encourage you to consider finding all of MHz’s primetime entertainment programming – the mysteries, dramas and comedies – on our new subscription service MHz Choice.  This service provides you with unlimited access to all of these programs, old favorites and brand-new series alike, for a simple monthly fee of $7.99. 

Thank You for the support you’ve shown MHz in the past.  We’re trying to build a better version of our unique international programming services and look forward to your continued support.