A French Village Season 5 Premieres on MHz Choice

  1. A French Village Season 5 premieres May 10th - only on MHz Choice!
  3. Critics and MHz Choice subscribers agree: The World War II drama A French Village is a “sensational” series. Beginning in 1940, the German occupation of a small village in central France forces the residents to endure five years of rationing, fighting and betrayals, all while straining to keep some semblance of their existence intact. The war shatters their lives, but a few of them, even in the shadow of destruction, reach out to find fleeting moments of connection, hope and love.
  5. "The byword of the series is 'To live is to choose,' and in each episode, and each season, the war intensifies, options narrow and collaboration thickens."The New York Times, 8/29/13
  7. Season 5 of the critically-acclaimed A French Village premieres May 10th only on MHz ChoiceWatch the trailer below!
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