WLRN to Launch as 18th National MHz Worldview Affiliate

WASHINGTON, DC & MIAMI, FL- Launching January 5, 2009, WLRN of Miami accelerates MHz Worldview's national distribution to half of the top 20 television markets in the US.  WLRN is MHz Worldview's 18th national affiliate.

Debuting in Miami on the WLRN Learn Channel with an audience of 490,000 cable subscribers, MHz Worldview will be available everyday from 10 PM-7 AM EST daily on all cable systems providing service in Miami-Dade County.
WLRN is a non-profit, non-commercial public broadcasting entity licensed to the School Board of Dade County, Florida. The WLRN Learn cable access channel is programmed as a public service of the school district for the residents of Miami-Dade County.

Bernadette Siy, WLRN programming director, says the channel focuses on a rich and varied mix of news and information, arts and culture, childhood education and embraces lifelong learning.

"The development of 'global smarts' is really what our channel, MHz Worldview and our affiliates are indicating they support," says MHz Networks Chief Executive Frederick Thomas. "The education mechanism to our programming is immense and so are the possibilities when viewers become engaged in the world community via world programming."

MHz Worldview will be available on WLRN Learn via the following cable services: Adelphia Miami-Dade 19; Adelphia Key Biscayne 37; Atlantic Broadband 79; Bellsouth (Analog) 12; Bellsouth (Digital) 577;  Comcast Aventura 79; Comcast Doral 79; Comcast Kendall 79; Comcast Miami 79; Comcast North 79; Comcast Opa Locka 79; Comcast West 79; and Strategic Technologies 34.

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