Tenth Annual Shortie Awards Names Winners

FALLS CHURCH, VA –The 10th annual Shortie Awards: International Film & News Festival was held on June 5 at the Artisphere dome theater and was hosted by local media personality and former Miss Washington, DC, Sonya Gavankar McKay.

The festival received nearly 400 submissions from around the world this year. 2011 finalists and winners in each category include:

Live Action
7-10 Flip Flop – Barrett Elementary; Arlington, VA (winner)
Frog on the Loose – Barrett Elementary; Arlington, VA

11-14  Recycle Man – Wide Angle Youth Media’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program; Baltimore, MD (winner)
The Last Bite – Valve Film School; Oulu Finland

15-18  The Olympic Village – Suited and Booted; Bath, United Kingdom (winner)
Jack – Cameron Dunlop & Benjamin Cotgrove; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

7-10  I Am Art – Dryden Elementary Fifth Graders; Arlington Heights, IL (winner)
The Dog Who Saved a Pompeii Family – Hoffman Boston 3rd Grade Class; Arlington, VA

11-14  Funny Clay – The Tseng sisters; Taiwan (winner)
Greatness – Emily F., Nikki Y., Aly D., Mr. Guiles; San Dimas, CA

15-18  Wake Up – Hannah Stevens; St. Paul, MN (winner)
Balloon – Kwan Tin Yuen, Kam Chun Leung, Ming Leong Lee, Ki Yuen Tsang, Owen Ka Chun Chan; Hong Kong

Daily News
7-10  Viking News –  Hermitage Elementary School; Virginia Beach, VA (winner)
      HBTV – Hoffman Boston 3rd Grade Class; Arlington, VA

11-14  Channel 73 News – Parthum Middle School; Lawrence, MA (winner)
Channel 30 News – Lawrence Public Schools; Lawrence MA

15-18  Germantown –  Germantown High School; Germantown, TN (winner)
Conk TV – KJ Knies, Jhauvon Harrison, Saxton Walker; Kent, WA

11-14  Global Look at Pollution – Wide Angle Youth Media’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program; Baltimore, MD (winner)

15-18  ArtPrize Effect – Sam Klee; Cedar Springs, MI (winner)
Glimpse of Horizon – Regina Nicholson; California
7-10  Recycling - Cassandra Parks; Washington, DC (winner)

11-14  Dear Mom & Dad  – Central Jersey Arts Charter School; Plainfield, NJ (winner)
Bullying is a Problem in Our Schools  – Samantha Harvey, Tyler Lecuyer, Cody Legault; Manitoba, Canada

15-18  Don't Text & Drive  – Nathaniel Smith; Minneapolis, MN (winner)
Precious Commodity – Marion Tucker; Edina, MN

Diversity – Tony Dusko; Womelsdorf, PA (winner)
Barrett Rules – Renee Shaw; Arlington, VA

Special Awards
Asia Society PSA
Embrace the World – Andrew Kim; Allentown, PA (winner)

International Winner
Pankh – Nishant Rana; Mumbai, India (winner)

The free-to-enter Shortie Award recognizes original digital media production created by youth and K - 12 teachers. The festival focuses on nurturing imagination and choice making in students and is one of the only competitions in the world to provide expert analysis and critique to each entrant.

For the first time, The Shortie Awards featured ShortieCon, a series of workshops for educators interested in incorporating filmmaking in the classroom and for students interested in filmmaking, held at the Art Institute of Washington. 

Filmmakers may submit their films individually, as a group, or as a whole class. Films may be no longer than 10 minutes in length and may be fact or fiction. Students 7-18 are eligible, as well as teachers in Live Action (narrative, experimental, music video, or other), Documentary, PSA, Animation (stop-motion, claymation, machinima, digital, or other) or Daily News Broadcast.

All finalist submissions can be viewed at www.youtube.com/theshortieawards. For more information, visit www.shortie.org.

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