MHz Networks Signs Exclusive Contract with Australian Football League

Washington D.C., Sydney Australia - International sports enthusiasts can cheer: Washington DC's leading network for international programming, MHz Networks, has signed a 3-year deal with the Australian Football League (AFL), for the free-to-air broadcast of Australian Football matches in the U.S. Beginning April 13, 2007, MHz will air a weekly "Match of the Week" and "Australian Football Highlights" on MHz's national channel, MHz Worldview, available in key US cities as well as on DirecTV and Globecast World TV national services. The first broadcast will be on April 13 featuring the match Sydney vs. West Coast. Subsequent games will air on Monday nights at 8PM Eastern Time with a repeat at 11PM Eastern Time.

The "Match of the Week" is a top match out of 3 matches that take place in Australia every week and is selected by MHz Networks in cooperation with AFANA (Australian Football Association of North America). In addition, fans can immerse themselves in "Australian Football Highlights," a weekly recap of all matches played in the Australian Football League . "Highlights" will air on Wednesdays at 2 pm.

In securing this 3-year contract with the AFL, MHz Networks adds an important component to the sports offerings of its MHz Worldview channel. "If you do the research you'll find that Aussie Rules predate American football", says Frederick Thomas, CCO and Executive Vice President of MHz Networks, 'There is something very Australian about the sport but something that also has roots in other former Commonwealth countries as well." Adding international sports programming rounds out the MHz Worldview schedule - further enhancing its appeal to globally-minded viewers.

MHz Worldview is an independent TV channel that captures the best programs from around the world. MHz Worldview promotes a broader perspective of the world through unedited news, foreign films, eye-opening documentaries, sports and cultural programs from around the planet.
For a program schedule and a look up-close for Australian Football team players, go to

AFANA is an independent organization promoting Australian Football in North America, founded in 1996 by Americans in order to promote Australian Football in the USA and Canada and to lobby for improved media coverage of the sport. AFANA's goal is to further the development and exposure of one of the most exciting games in the world -- Australian Football -- in North America. AFANA also operates one of the most popular web sites in the world covering Aussie Rules and maintains staff across North America and Australia. To find out more about where to find coverage in a particular region, and to receive the latest news about Australian Football, please visit the organization's web site at


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