MHz Networks Education Calls Youth to Tell Their Story for EBU Documentary Exchange

FALLS CHURCH, VA- MHz Networks Education Department is conducting a search for a youth candidate who wants to work with MHz Networks to produce a documentary telling their story.


MHz Networks recently joined in partnership with the EBU Youth Documentary Exchange that aims at the production of high quality, original, true life documentaries for an audience of 8 to 12 year olds.


What sets these short documentaries apart is that they are made for children and from a child’s point of view.  MHz Networks is seeking a child who wants to tell their story and make a documentary about their experience.


This years’ theme for the documentary is ‘Challenges’, and MHz Networks is looking for a young person, age 10 – 12, who has faced a challenge in their lives with imagination, courage or fortitude.  The story will be told by the child and in their own words. 


Please contact Preeti Balakrishnan at [email protected] by September 15 for more information on how to submit a story idea. 


MHz Networks is the first North American broadcast partner joining in the Documentary Exchange.  Other participants hail from throughout the globe and the stories boast universal appeal, while giving the viewer a glimpse of the diverse cultures of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Created over 20 years ago, the EBU Youth Documentary Exchange series is based on the principle "Make one, take all," meaning partnering broadcasters produce one documentary in line with the theme, and then is in turn able to receive all of the other such films generated from around the world.


MHz Networks will be airing those from this library on its channels this year.


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