MHz Joins Future of TV Coalition

FALLS CHURCH, VA- MHz Networks gathered with a wide variety of TV organizations to officially launch The Future of TV Coalition this week.

The alliance brings together constituencies that rely on broadcast television services, including elected local officials, programming distributors, electronic equipment manufacturers and multicast networks.

"The Coalition supports the evolution of broadcast television and its integration with other technologies and across many platforms," reads the Coalition's mission statement. "Our members work together to advance public policy initiatives that allow broadcasters to continue to rigorously innovate and invest to better serve consumers."

MHz Networks Founder and CEO, Frederick Thomas says, "Broadcasting is an incredibly efficient communication tool and is still the foundation for programmers like MHz Networks. We see the future of television as being one that securees free over-the-air broadcasting for consumers but also allows new technologies to offer more personalized viewing options. The two can and should work together very well."

Facilitated by the National Association of Broadcasters, the Coalition unites organizations that have expressed concern that legislative and regulatory initiatives currently under discussion in Washington could jeopardize the future of over-the-air broadcasting. In addition to promoting local broadcasters' ability to reach all members of their communities, Coalition members promote policies that preserve viewer access to new initiatives made possible by the analog-to-digital transition. Completed two years ago, the DTV transition has enabled broadcasters to offer new services such as high-definition programming, digital multicast channels and mobile DTV.

"Broadcasters are just now unveiling the new innovative services made possible by the DTV transition, which has enabled the promotion of more community voices on local television," said National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Gordon Smith. "The members of this coalition understand the importance and benefit of preserving this expansion of consumer choice on television. We look forward to working with the Coalition to help policymakers understand the enduring value of broadcasting and ensuring that our best and brightest days are still ahead."

The members of the Coalition are: Antennas Direct, Bounce TV, The Center for Asian American Media, County Executives of America, The Country Network, Digitenna, DLT Entertainment Limited, LATV Networks & American Latino Syndication, Luken Communications, MHz Networks, Native American Public Telecommunications, New York Television Festival, Open Mobile Video Coalition, Pacific Islanders in Communications, Qubo, This TV and Vme Media.

MHz utilizes its network of national digital broadcast multicast affiliates to bring MHz Worldview to more than 44 million households throughout the U.S. MHz also broadcasts 10 full-time channels to the Washington, DC metro area.

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MHz Networks is an independent, non-commercial television broadcaster delivering international programming and providing diverse cultural perspectives for a globally-minded audience.

MHz Worldview, MHz Networks flagship channel, brings programming to globally-minded audiences in the US through affiliates, including cable, satellite and online. Also serving the Washington, DC area’s 4.9 million residents with ten local broadcast channels, MHz Networks features programs from around the world on-air in more than 20 different languages.

MHz Networks is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and has studio facilities in Falls Church, VA and at Washington, DC’s Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.


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MHz Networks is a global media company which specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences.