KVCR Launches as 29th Affiliate

FALLS CHURCH, VA-  KVCR of San Bernardino, CA launches as the 29th MHz Worldview affiliate on July 1. This launch brings MHz Worldview programming to the Inland Empire, including Los Angeles.

MHz Worldview is available to area viewers in the Inland Empire via digital broadcast channel 24.2.

KVCR TV and FM are part of the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD), one of 72 community college districts within the California Community College system, the largest educational system in the world.

As the cultural, educational, informational and communication center of the Inland Empire, KVCR strives to bring communities together by serving as a trusted partner information and education.

MHz Networks CEO, Frederick Thomas, says, “The KVCR vision to provide leadership, encourage dialogue and create an informed viewership parallels the MHz Worldview mission of global literacy.  We are excited to hear KVCR is providing MHz Worldview as a resource to its community.”

For more information, visit www.kvcr.org

Stephanie Misar
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