Dr. Elmer Huerta Named President of American Cancer Society

Renowned cancer specialist Dr. Elmer Huerta has been named as the next president of the American Cancer Society. Dr. Huerta has dedicated his professional career to the education of others, especially minorities, about important health issues. A staple of Washington, DC radio, Dr. Huerta has also served as host of MHz Worldview's Hablemos de Salud for the past 12 years. A live call-in show conducted entirely in Spanish, Hablemos de Salud provides a platform for Dr. Huerta to discuss a variety of health topics as well as answer viewer questions. This season, Hablemos de Salud is not only broadcast live each Saturday at 2 PM on MHz, but is also available through download at iTunes. MHz Worldview is extremely proud of our assiciation with Dr. Huerta, and we wish him every success as the new president of the American Cancer Society.

More information about the American Cancer Society is available at www.cancer.org.

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