Doha Debates to Launch on MHz Worldview

FALLS CHURCH, VA- The world-renowned Doha Debates make their debut on MHz Worldview this January, at 11 AM ET on Sundays.

Televised eight times a year, the Debates are based on a centuries-old format, refined by the famous Oxford Union.

They focus on a single, controversial motion, with two speakers for and against. Once they have outlined their arguments, each speaker is questioned by the chairman and the discussion is then opened up to the audience for argument and a final electronic vote.

The 350-strong audiences are drawn mainly from Qatar’s student body and come from all over the Arab and Islamic worlds. In several debates they have adopted radical and unexpected positions.

The Doha Debates are a unique venture in the Arab world, providing a battleground for conflicting opinions and arguments about the major political topics of the region.

While governments around the world tighten restrictions on press freedom, the Doha Debates openly dissect the vital issues of the Middle East in front of its people and on global TV. They engage in time-honored rivalry – where the only weapons are words. They practice the art of peaceful disagreement: understanding and respecting different views.

The Doha Debates are chaired by the award-winning former BBC correspondent and interviewer Tim Sebastian, who founded them in 2004 and secured their editorial independence.

Frederick Thomas, MHz Networks Chief Executive says, "Television can still do great things at important times.  This is one of those things at the right time.  Everyone should make the time to watch these programs."

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