Bringing the Best of the World to the Rest of America

The World. Unfiltered. Unconventional. Uninterrupted. That’s the promise of MHz WORLDVIEW, now a national 24/7 TV channel featuring the best programs from around the world in one channel. Catering to a globally-minded audience, viewers can expect to find the broadest range of world opinion in unedited news - riveting music - foreign films - unconventional dramas and cultural programs from every corner of our planet. Topped off with original content on topics that matter for dialogue on the world stage and that foster understanding of an increasingly intertwined planet, MHz WORLDVIEW makes a positive difference, capturing where the world is heading today. It presents viewers with rare insights from and about the global communities not readily found elsewhere: Enriching cultures. Global efforts. Cutting-edge ideas. Unlimited opportunities.

For the US of today, this seems to be the right mix. MHz WORLDVIEW has been added to DirecTV’s national platform on January 3 where it can be watched by all of DirecTV’s international programming subscribers. Public TV stations have followed suit and added MHz WORLDVIEW as a 24/7 stream: KCSM in San Francisco, WEIU in Charleston, IL, MPS (Time Warner Channel 76) in Minneapolis and KBTC in Tacoma, WA. Discussions are underway with WYCC-TV in Chicago, KBDI in Denver and many other stations. "There is new-found interest in international programming that comes directly from the source. We believe people will come to count on us to provide this content independent of commercial and political interests," says Frederick Thomas, Executive Vice President and General Manager of MHz Networks, the channel’s Washington DC home.

Viewer calls and comments from across the country underline MHz WORLDVIEW’s promising market potential. Given the breath-taking speed of demographic changes in America and world events that affect everyone on this planet on a daily basis, it is not hard to see why.

Launched by MHz Networks – who last month successfully introduced France 24 to the nation’s capital – MHz Worldview ventures boldly where no US-based media outlet has gone before. Designed to reach out, MHz WORLDVIEW inspires cross-cultural dialogue and a better understanding of what is going on beyond US borders with entertaining, informative and intellectually stimulating programs from Asia to Europe, Australia to the Americas -- connecting the foreign-born with their home communities and making Americans part of a larger world.

Nicolette Kuba-Hurd
Marketing Director, MHz Networks
8101 A Lee Highway
Falls Church, VA 22042
703 770 7135

MHz Networks is an independent, noncommercial television network, dedicated to promoting a broader perspective of the world. With over 8 international channels in the Washington DC – area, MHz Networks has evolved as a media pioneer fostering cross-cultural dialogue and active outreach. For over a decade, MHz has been taking a lead in bringing different perspectives and viewpoints from outside the US to American viewers. It has won several awards for its own original productions and has 2 studio facilities in Washington DC and Virginia. MHz Networks is owned by the Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation in Richmond, VA.


About MHz Networks


MHz Networks is a global media company which specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences.